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Frequently Asked Questions

Until what time can we party? 

Le Pont Couvert is in the heart of the village of Conception. This is why we demand that the music stop at 11 p.m. as required by the municipality. It is often at this time that the group heads to the campfire to end the evening. 

Is le Pont heated?

In addition to being able to be completely closed, the venue can be heated. We have several patio heaters and fans to keep the room at a pleasant temperature.

Where to park?

The parking is located at 1371 Rue du Centenaire (Mairie de la Conception). 

Vehicles parked at the Church will be towed. 

How to book le Pont Couvert?

To rent our room, simply contact us. We require a visitpreliminary, a signed contract and receipt of deposits. 

Can we bring our own alcohol?

No. The alcohol license is held by Le Pont Couvert. Therefore, absolutely any consumption of alcohol must go through the bar located on site, otherwise they will be confiscated. 

Can we do business with the specialists of our choice?

Absolutely! You can select the specialists of your choice. If necessary, we have a list of our favourite caterers, florists, DJs and more

Are fireworks allowed?

Unfortunately, the use of fireworks is strictly prohibited on site.

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